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Power Illusion 1.97

Power Illusion offers a revolutionary new concept in lenticular design
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Power Illusion offers a revolutionary new concept in lenticular design. Using keys the user can control the visibility, opacity, parallax, position, scale and rotation of every layer. This allows for the effortless mixing of motion, flips, zooms and 3D all in one layered project. Photo Illusion developed this process in 2003. Power Illusion was the first lenticular application to offer the editing of lenticular frames on a keyframe basis.
Power Illusion runs on Mac OS X or Windows XP and functions identically on both platforms. Additionally, Power Illusion documents can be exchanged across platforms. Power Illusion has a simple yet powerful interface that allows the user to work in an enviroment similar to other imaging and layering applications.
Power Illusion now offers 3D previews of your scene in OpenGL. With 3D View you can see the true volume of your layer as it is distorted by the depth map. Power Illusion will create a 3D mesh based on the depth map of your layer and apply the layer color and mask to the mesh as textures. Change the volume of the depth map and see it alter its volume inside the 3D scene. Rotate around your scene to see layers that pass through each other or have incorrect depth.
Calibrate images quickly using any resampling method for calibration. Enter any new variable from variation in pixels to variation in lens frequency for calculation of calibration amount.
Power Illusion includes a complete set of tools for finding the pitch frequency of any lenticular lens. Create ranges and zero in on the exact pitch of a lens.

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